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The Insulation and Environmental Training Trust Limited (IETTL) will facilitate the development of thermal insulation operatives to the highest possible standards and undertake the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) responsibilities to best meet the needs of the industry.

IETTL will:

  • be the End Point Assessment Organisation for ST0333 and ST0521
  • ensure that the standards required by the Awarding Bodies are achieved and, if possible, surpassed.
  • ensure all relevant grants and funding are applied for as appropriate.
  • ensure the resources, staff and equipment at the National Training Centre are adequate and comply with all appropriate Health and Safety legislation
  • ensure they meet the standards set out by Ofsted, Estyn and Skills Development Scotland in order to demonstrate high standards of leadership and management, excellent outcomes for learners and high quality teaching, learning and assessment
  • ensure strategic direction, the delivery of objectives and uphold values
  • ensure the organisation complies with its obligations, performs well and is solvent
  • have clear responsibilities and functions and will be organised to discharge them effectively
  • will uphold high ethical standards and conflicts of interest
  • will be dealt with properly
  • will be open, responsive and accountable to its beneficiaries, funders, staff, partners and others with an interest in its work


The Board of Trustees

The Board is made up of 6 appointed trustees from the industry together with up to 3 co-opted trustees from our wider stakeholders to ensure robust Governance over Finance, statutory requirements and conflicts of interest.

Charity registration number: 1007188

IETTL Head Office:
34 Allington Way,
Darlington, DL1 4QB

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Tel: 01325 466704
Email: mhill@iettl.co.uk

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